Brothers: South Bend, IN

Oh, brother…I’ve been to the Brothers location in Minneapolis several times. The chain was started a long time ago in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin, I think), and to be honest, I never expect much from their food…but always love the student-heavy atmosphere.

Right up the block from BRU Burger (another South Bend place I’ve reviewed), Brothers is new on the Notre Dame scene. And my opinion? Definitely worth a visit. Again, I don’t know that it’s setting the world on fire with their food, but it’s not bad. And the atmosphere, like the location at home…is super fun.

Brothers is a great spot right on campus with very close in proximity to my family…so the convenience factor is high. And as aforementioned, you’ll probably see it packed with students on any day that ends in “y.” The wings themselves are actually very good. The meat is cooked well, the size is fairly consistent, and the sauce is a traditional buttery Buffalo. But, if I’m being totally honest, they’re a bit too breaded for my liking. Other than that, they’re actually pretty tasty! (My dad seemed to think the prices weren’t bad, too…so I guess that’s a win for Brothers.)

For the student experience and a nice spot to have lunch or see friends, check out Brothers next time you’re in Eddy Commons on the ND campus.

Link to Brothers here!