Sally’s: Minneapolis, MN

Back home in Minnesota, I’ve had countless swim meets (and won quite a few) at the U of M. And after racing miles and miles in the water at these meets, I’m always so hungry that I could eat an entire chicken coop. So, finding the right spot in the area to satisfy my insatiable hunger is almost as important as whatever meet I’m swimming.

A fun campus bar that my Dad knows very well is Sally’s. It’s a U of M institution and it’s a great place to meet some of the U students, some of my friends, or just hang out and watch sports after a long day. And their wings definitely get the job done. While they aren’t perfect, they’re crispy, fried to perfection, meaty, and the sauce is fantastic (but they definitely need to drown the wings in more sauce). In addition, I’m more of a flat-style-of-wing type of guy, so the fact that they had more flats than drums was exciting to see.

Overall, pretty darn good wings for a place that you’d expect to be just a student bar with crappy food and watered down drinks. So, whether you go for the atmosphere and sports or the wings, be sure to check out Sally’s, especially on Saturday nights when it’s hoppin’.

Link to Sally’s here!