BRU Burger Bar: South Bend, IN

Visiting South Bend, tailgating with friends and family, watching the Notre Dame games in-person, and spending time with family in the area are all part of a tradition I like to keep every football season. And finding a good bar in the area for a victory party after a game or catching up with family members is a quintessential part of these traditions. Although fairly new on the scene, BRU Burger is a fantastic choice for any/all of those.

BRU Burger has that great atmosphere for a game watch or a simple get-together after a long day of traveling. It’s new, so the place is clean and the location is perfect. But most importantly, their menu is excellent. It consists of amazing burgers, good appetizers, and most importantly to me, some tasty wings. The wings have a pretty good cook, a totally unique and interesting, but good, sauce, and a size that’s consistent throughout. While I liked the flavor of the sauce, the one thing that sets these wings back is the ludicrous amount of fry. It’s enough to make a whole new menu item: “batter fry stuffed with chicken.”

That said, the rest of the wing is great, and the restaurant is good enough for it to not matter as much. Go for the wings at BRU Burger if you like some serious fry, but stay for the burgers and atmosphere. There’s a garlic one on the menu that’ll knock your socks off.

Link to BRU Burger here!