The Brews Hall: Hermosa Beach, CA

To make a nice vacation in Hermosa Beach (or Playa Hermosa…which literally means “beautiful beach”) a perfect one, unwinding with a nice meal at the end of a long day of surfing and swimming is an absolute necessity.

On the pier, you’ll find a ton of cool, local restaurants. My family and a couple dear family friends were trying to decide on a spot to grub, and we found The Brew’s Hall. It’s a fun brewery with a lively atmosphere, surrounded by crazy beautiful scenery and filled with tasty food: especially, wings. And I have to tell you, these wings were a sight for sore eyes after burning thousands and thousands of calories swimming in the ocean.

They were big and meaty (me likey), and the cook on them was familiar to the types of wings we’d had elsewhere, but still felt unique. The sauce was tangy and flavorful and they weren’t over fried. So, needless to say, I crushed them. And wow…yum! Overall, these tasty wings are a contender for some of the best wings in California. And the location ain’t too bad, either…so I’d highly recommend checking these out if you’re ever in the area.

Link to The Brews Hall here!