Davanni’s: MN

Davanni’s is one of my favorite local pizza joints. They have locations across MN and their pizza is always a fave among friends and family. A nice addition to the menu is their wings…which pairs well with the tasty tomato sauce from the pizza (gotta dip that crust in the buffalo sauce!).

As for the wings themselves, they’re a little small and slightly more fried than I would prefer, but that sauce is still pretty yummerific. Gotta give them some love. Particularly because Davanni’s isn’t known for their wings… they’re a pizza place, dammit! 😉

Anyway, MN has some great pizza chains (Red’s Savoy, Carbone’s, etc.), but Davanni’s is a definite must for anyone visiting. And try the wings while you’re at it!

Link to Davanni’s here!