Finney’s Crafthouse: San Luis Obispo, CA

We were driving down the California coast and stopped in San Luis Obispo to meet up with my cousin and her boyfriend. First off, San Luis Obispo is SUPER cool. They’d closed the street where Finney’s Crafthouse was located to create a pedestrian dining atmosphere (which was super cool). Tons of people were out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather and tasty eats.

Finney’s had a very fun “California” feeling. It had these huge windows/doors that opened up to the sidewalk cafe/tables, long picnic-like tables for sharing with multiple friends, one of the nicest waiters I’ve ever met, and apparently a huge assortment of some excellent beers on tap (I’m not old enough to drink yet.). And most importantly to me, obviously, they served up some wildly tasty wings!

Don’t you just love it when they put so much sauce on your wings that it just oozes all over the plate for you to scoop up and double down on your wings? Well, I do! And the sauce from Finney’s is definitely one that you want oozing. It’s delicious and just spicy enough to still have flavor.

The wings themselves were a bit too small for my liking, which is bit disappointing, but only because the meat is so good that all I want from these wings is more! Overall, an incredibly tasty wing in a super cool environment.

If you’re ever bar-hopping in the area, check out Finney’s Crafthouse and enjoy that oozing delight. You may just have to double your order.

Link to Finney’s Crafthouse!