Top Golf: Throughout US

When I visited Topgolf with some buddies to kill some time, I expected nothing more than… well… golf. I never would have expected that the wings would actually be one of the best parts of the experience (keep in mind, I’m a terrible golfer!). Well done, Topgolf, well done.

The wings were small in size and a little bony, but that was the only thing that could’ve been improved. They were breaded the perfect amount for a nice “crunch,” the meat was cooked very well, and the sauce was surprisingly tasty! Much better than my score that day, that’s for sure.

Some of the other appetizers were also unexpectedly delicious, and definitely distracting enough that I could forget about me shanking a ball 10 feet in front of our bay. 😉

If you ever go to a Topgolf near you, give the wings a try!

Link to Topgolf here!