The Patio: Palo Alto, CA

Recently, we were traveling to Palo Alto for a college visit to Stanford (dream school!), and got a little peckish for some… yep, you guessed it… wings! Walking around downtown Palo Alto we saw this super cool looking place called The Patio and decided to stop in. We got seated in their back patio which was really, really nice. Waitstaff was super kind (they loved my little brother), quick, and highly recommended the wings.

I gotta say… the wings were a welcome and fantastic surprise. Yum! I had no expectations going into the bar, but these turned out to be the best wings I would have in my entire time in California (and I was crushing wings all week). They were cooked perfectly, the wings were huge, and the spiciness was perfect (including some unique spices added on top). The only problem was that we had to order a second batch because we murdered the first one so quickly.

Highly recommend. Make sure you visit The Patio if you’re ever in the area!

Link to The Patio here!




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  1. I’ve eaten there. Very cool place. Great vibe. Even for a place as cool as Palo Alto.

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