First-Class Pizza: Irvine, CA

I first visited First-Class Pizza several years ago to visit some relatives in the Orange County area. My dad grew up surfing with his cousins in the area, and they always knew the coolest spots to grab a drink and some tasty grub in the area. This spot was no different.

First Class Pizza is the type of pizza joint you’d see in an 80’s movie like Karate Kid. Cool, local kids pop in, say ‘hi’ to their friends behind the counter, order a slice and a soda, then go play some video games in the back while their food is prepared. 12-person long picnic tables line the room, while bar tops fill up the center. There is zero pretention to this place, as it occupies a corner spot in a strip mall, but it has tons of personality.

First off, the pizza is absolutely fantastic. If I had a pizza blog, as well, I’d rate their pizza among the best. So, there’s that. But their wings are wicked good, too! Taking my first bite during this last trip, I had a feeling of nostalgia envelope me. The saucy goodness of the wings caused a giant mess, stained my shirt like I had just been in a bloody battle, and brought back fond memories of my childhood. I didn’t care I had sauce all over my face, I just had to hammer these wings.

The wings weren’t necessarily perfect, but the sauce, texture, meat, and size are all pretty great, and most importantly, bring back wonderful feelings of seeing friends and family after many years of being apart.

Link to First-Class Pizza here!