Island Wing Company: Tallahassee, FL

Final leg of our pandemic road trip was in sunny Florida. We’d intended to make it all the way to Key West, but the day before our departure from Savannah, we heard they were closing the Keys. So, we diverted to Tallahassee. No real reason other than it was on our way home and the weather was supposed to be super nice. So, we hunkered down at a hotel near the FSU campus and decided to order in, watch some fun movies and hike/hit the beach.

Looking for a late lunch one day, we happened upon Island Wing Company. First off, when your name has the words “Wings” in it, you better be good at wings. In that column, I’d say they were successful. Tons of flavors to choose from and some well cooked meat. We chose traditional buffalo sauce and it was spicy and flavorful. That said, I thought the wings could have been better, because they were a bit dry and needed a ton more of that tasty sauce goodness. But given the pandemic forcing these guys to only serve to-go wings, I can’t ding them too much.

Overall, like many other wings, these were classic, but didn’t innovate. That’s not always a bad thing though; as the wings were enjoyable for a beautiful day. Next time you’re in Tallahassee, give these guys a holler.

Link to Island Wing Co. here!