Florida Wing Factory: Tallahassee, FL

Pandemic road trip wing stop number ??? I gotta be honest. I lost count. I think my blood type is now AB (astounding buffaloness). But you think I’m slowing down? Please. I’m just warming up.

Anyway, who woulda thunk that a strip mall “express” location for the Florida Wing Factory would knock my socks off? Me! That’s who. Great wings can come from anywhere, big or small.

To start, FWF offered the classic wings (shown in picture 1 above) which had a wicked tasty sauce, were significantly meaty, and a had decent amount of fry. Solid effort for sure.

Then, the coup de gras. Lingering around the corner was something I’d never seen before. Stuffed wings? Huh? Wha? How could I NOT order these? The wings (shown in picture 2) we ordered were stuffed with bacon and cheddar… and talk about yum. I was in “hog heaven.” Gotta tell you, I was a little nervous given the difficulty in cooking something that’s stuffed, but these were perfect. Well cooked, tasty sauce, and how could I say anything negative about bacon??? Well done, FWF. Well done.

So, if you’re ever in Tallahassee, give these wings a try and have your mind blown!

Link to Florida Wing Factory here!

Wings: 8/10

Stuffed Wings: 9/10