Addy’s: Omaha, NE

We were in Omaha for the Olympic Swimming Trials (crazy fun event, by the way), which coincided with the College Baseball World Series this year…and stopped by Addy’s for some… drum roll please… wings! Weird, huh? 😉

So, we meandered up the hill from our hotel to find a sports bar that had wings on the menu and Addy’s fit the bill. Gotta say, the wings were very tasty, but lacked a proper buffalo sauce. I gotta get my sauce! So, in my opinion, it would be better to call these “dry wings” than buffalo wings, but I digress.

Some positives: the meat on the wings was really well-cooked and the flavor was still very tasty. To be fair, the bar is better-known for some of its other food (which was really good), and the TVs and bar-crowd were very vibrant and colorful. Plus, our waitress was super nice and I got to see some swimming celebs.

So, if you’re in the Omaha area, come for the wings and stay for the atmosphere (and other tasty grub).

Link to Addy’s here!