Abner’s Famous Chicken: MS and TN

You’d think after 5-6 pandemic road trip wing stops, we’d be getting sick of them. Ummm… no. Please. It’s wings and they are amazing. But I gotta be honest, this stop left us a bit underwhelmed.

To be fair, Abner’s Famous Chicken is a place well known for fried chicken, like Kentucky Fried Chicken. And I’m sure they crush this type of chicken. (But as you know, I’m a purest… and ONLY eat the wings.) That said, you’d have thought Abner’s would know their way around a wing… but to be honest, the wings were only okay. They were a little bland, light on the sauce and slightly overcooked.

But the chicken tenders were a completely different story. They were cooked very well and fried perfectly. The sauce was nothing to scoff at either. It was savory and would’ve been even better if they drowned both the tenders and wings in it. So, overall… not a bad trip.

Next time you’re near one of Abner’s locations, make sure to try the wings AND the tenders. And ask for extra saucy goodness.

Link to Abner’s Famous Chicken here!

Wings: 6.5/10

Chicken Tenders: 8/10